Top 6 Benefits of Tai Chi

Less Pain - Tai Chi reduces strain as well as wear and tear on joints and tissue.  It improves blood and lymph circulation which fosters healing. In 2017 the American College of Physicians included it in its guidelines to treat back pain. It is also recommended for fibromyalgia, arthritis, neck and joint pain.

Reduces Anxiety & Depression - A review of over 80 medical studies showed that regular practicing of  tai chi  significantly improves anxiety, mood and depression.  A study done by The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry determined that tai chi alone or with other medications and therapy is an effective treatment for depression.

Improves Concentration - As you concentrate on shifting your weight, moving your hands, arms and turning your body, your mind is less likely to wander.  Thus, you are more likely to be more present in the moment.  Cultivating this skill during the practice of tai chi helps you to be more focused throughout your day and helps you to calmly navigate challenges.

Weight Loss - One study tracked changes in weight of adults practicing tai chi 5 times a week and they lost a little over a pound in the 4 month period without making any other lifestyle chanages.  Imagine the additional health benefits they would have experienced if they made additional lifestyle changes!

Improves Body Structural Integration - When practicing tai chi, you don't do one exercise for different body areas, you integrate the upper body, lower body, right side, left side and extremities with the core. Not only does this strengthen your whole body, this integration improves moving without pain.

Better Sleep - Studies have found that tai chi significantly improved sleep quality in both healthy adults and patients with chronic health conditions.  This suggest that tai chi may be considered as al alternative behavioral therapy in the treatment of insomnia

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