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Homeschool & Distance Learning

Hats off to YOU!

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Deciding to homeschool your child is a BIG decision. This is done out of love for your children and concern for their obtaining the best education. Through homeschooling, you are giving them the tools to develop an appreciation and quest for life-long learning.

Do you ever wonder if your child is also developing a calm, confident, healthy mental and physical life?
We'd like to share with you a unique resource that can benefit physical health, mental health and productivity.
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Our wonderful adolescents face negative peer pressure; concerns about their self image;
swirling hormonal changes and a need to discover their “why” in life.
As if that weren't enough, the World Health Organization advises that the 2nd cause of death among adolescents is death by suicide which is triggered by depression.
They further advise that the number 1 cause of death is unintentional accidents.
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What if we told you there is a unique, medically proven activity, that will help with mental health, unintentional injuries, productive learning physical health, and more?
An Easy Solution - Tai Chi
The great thing about introducing Tai Chi to your child's curriculum is it provides mental and physical breaks throughout the day; it requires no special equipment; and it is feasible for ALL fitness levels.  Additionally, our classes include proven healthy living tips and tricks to encourage better health plus education on the importance of taking care of your mind and body.

4 Key Areas of Tai Chi's

Medically Proven Benefits

1 - Reinforced Mental Health -

  • Promotes the calming of the mind 

  • Builds a sense of community

  • Bolsters self confidence 

  • Soothes symptoms of anxiety & depression

  • Softens emotional frustrations 

  • Inspires mindfulness & self-awareness

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2 - Reduces Unintentional Injuries

  • Develops stronger muscles 

  • Enhances balance 

3 - Enhanced Health

  • Develops stronger muscles

  • Relieves stiffness & tired muscles

  • Eases body aches and pains

  • Contributes to weight loss 

  • Encourages other healthy habits

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4 - Heightened Learning

  • Creates new neural pathways

  • Rejuvenates mental clarity

  • Facilitates easier transition between school subjects  

Class Descriptions and Fees

All classes include gentle, energizing, head to toe warm ups; several short forms to facilitate practice resources until the complete long form is learned; and access to a private Facebook group with practice videos; goal setting and healthy living tips.

Beginning Tai Chi Long Form - In this 6 week course you build on new moves to this beginning form each week.  At the conclusion of the 6 weeks, you have the complete form that will help you access improved cognitive skills, strength and balance while decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression. As if that's not enough, you'll also discover pain relief & boost your immunity.

Energy 1 Tai Chi Long Form - This is a 6 week beginning form that you build on new moves each week.  At the conclusion of the 6 weeks, you now have the skills to focus your mental and physical efforts while opening up a flow of clarity and energy.  This brings BOTH stress relief and physical strength.

Energy 2 Tai Chi Long Form - In this intermediate, 6 week course, you build on new moves from the Energy 1 class.  At the conclusion of the 6 weeks, you have the complete form that will provide similar benefits of Beginning Tai Chi and Energy 1 forms.  Note: Must complete Energy 1 prior to taking this class.

Tai Chi Long Form Practice & Refining - In this 6 week, intermediate course, we focus on refining the skills you've learned in the 2 beginning classes, keeping those forms solid in our muscle and cognitive memory.  Now that you know these forms, we can advance more to "walking meditation" to free your mind of stresses and worries; allow the moves to uniquely flow with your creativity and enhance the many medically proven benefits of Tai Chi.  Note: Must complete Beginning Tai Chi and Energy 1 prior to taking this class.

Sun 73 Intermediate Tai Chi Long Form - In this 2 part, intermediate course, you build on new moves from the the Beginning Tai Chi class.  This form is especially effective for cultivating internal energy, which in turn greatly enhances healing and relaxation. The form is characterized by agile steps with smooth and flowing movements, like water in a river.  Note: Must complete Beginning Tai Chi  prior to taking this class.

Give it a Try!

Want to give Tai Chi a try before you commit to a class?  No problem. Just click on "practice video" below and follow the short lesson for waving hands and clouds.  You'll discover how easy, fun and relaxing Tai Chi can be for the whole family.


Student Fee - Each 6-week course is $90 for the Zoom class. (Nice bonus while on Zoom, the whole family can attend!) There are 7 available courses so that you can have a full school year of Tai Chi and extra practice in the Summer.

How to get the class FREE - For those Utah students using MyTechHigh, they offer a 3rd party reimbursement option of $300 a year for a course they don't offer.  Note: You must get approval in advance.  Whether you take 6 courses to complete a school year of Tai Chi or just take a few classes, we can provide a receipt for reimbursement purposes. Click button below for details on MyTechHigh.

What Are YOU Waiting For?

Register NOW and help your children discover a lifelong unique resource to help them develop a calm, confident, healthy mental and physical life.  

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