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Hear what our happy clients are saying...
"Beth Young is an incredible speaker and woman. Her talks are always full of helpful tips and her joyful enthusiasm is contagious!

Listening to Beth talk about health and wellness and the simple changes we can all make to live lives of optimum health and energy feels like being in a lifeboat full of joy!

If you're looking for a wonderful health and wellness speaker for your next corporate event, or if you're looking to hire excellence, looking to hire or consult with someone that can help coach your company's employees in how to maximize their health, one simple change at a time, Beth IS your go to resource."

Leslie - Houston, Texas

 "Beth is a great Tai Chi teacher. She is patient and helps you learn. She knows her stuff. Beth goes the extra mile to provide helpful videos and to help you reach your goals."

Pat - Stansbury Park, Utah

 "I had a hip replacement and even after my physical therapy by leg would go numb and my balance was off. After practicing Tai Chi with Beth for 6 weeks, my balance is back and my leg no longer goes numb!  This has completely changed what my retirement is looking like.  I can be actively engaged with grand kids and enjoy physical activities."

Matt - Granstville, Utah

 "I keep coming to Tai Chi with Beth because my knee doesn't hurt when I do Tai Chi.  My balance has gotten better and I even come out in a snow storm rather than miss my class."

Brenda - Grantsville, Utah

"Beth has been absolutely amazing. Her Tai Chi by the lake was one of the most awesome experiences ever, and I am not the kind of guy that is really into that sort of thing but now I am a believer. I felt so amazing afterward. I only went because Beth has had me on a program since end of February and I have lost 30 pounds and feel great. It was nothing crazy just a few small changes at a time. I feel better, I sleep better and had to get a new wardrobe. Beth is the real deal. Thank you so much Beth. And come try Tai chi you will not be disappointed."

Mike - Tooele, Utah

"Since Beth Young and her Tai Chi classes entered my life, I have seen a drastic improvement in my overall mental and physical health.  I have not only slept better, but I have become more limber than I have been for some time now.  This has encouraged me to make even more positive steps concerning my lifestyle.  It has brought a positivity that I really needed to help battle some depression issues. I love the way that she presents the class in a manner that makes it easy for me to follow along.  She is obviously skilled in what she teaches, and always has some great information to share as she coaches me along. I deeply appreciate Beth and what she has to offer."

Carl - Tooele, Utah

 "I have known Beth since I moved from Utah to Texas 5 years ago. She really knows what she is talking about because she lives it. She is genuine and truly cares about people. She is such a role model for many, in so many different capacities."

Vicky - League City, Texas

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